Exhibition Information


December 4th (Thu) to December 10th (Wed): Jihei Murase Exhibition
November 22th (Sat) to November 29th (Sat): Gosyo Asami Exhibition
November 12th (Wed) to November 18th (Tue): Hanako Nakazato Exhibition
October 22th (Wed) to October 29th (Wed): The chief priest of Todaiji Ueno Dozen Exhibition
October 11th (Sat) to October 18th (Sat): Suzuki Hajime Exhibition
October 1th (Wed) to October 7th (Tue): Takiguti Maya Exhibition
September 20th (Sat) to September 27th (Sat): Tominaga Kazumasa & Kazuyo Exhibition
September 10th (Wed) to September 16th (Tue): Tsuji Bido Exhibition
August 30th (Sat) to September 6th (Sat): Hitoshi Shimizu Exhibition
August 19th (Tue) to August 26th (Tue): Daihiko Noguchi Shintaro Exhibition
July 22th (Tue) to August 10th (Sun): Under the General Editorship of Hayashiya Seizo Modern Chanoyu Vessels Exhibition
July 12th (Sat) to July 18th (Fri): Ito Hyoudo and Chika Exhibition
July 3th (Thurs) to July 9th (Wed): Vessels and Flowers Exhibition
June 22th (Sun) to June 29th (Sun): Tatsuhiko KATSUO Exhibition
June 12th (Thur) to June 19th (Thur): Katsuju TANAKA Lacquer Ware and Sketch Exhibition
May 30th (Fri) to June 8th (Sun): Akira YOSHIDA Ceramic Art Exhibition
May 13th (Tue) to May 25th (Sun): Exhibition for Soko MICHIBA (Lacquer Ware), Shozo KAWABE (Nara Kettle) and Kozo TAKAHASHI (Shigaraki Ware)
April 23rd (Wed) to May 2nd (Fri): Ryutagama Pottery: Takashi & Taki NAKAZATO Exhibition
April 9th (Wed) to April 20th (Sun): Bowl: Morihiro HOSOKAWA Exhibition
March 21st (Fri) to March 29th (Sat): Tsunohazugama: Exhibition of Works Direct from the Warehouse
March 11th (Tue) to March 18th (Tue)): Joji HAMAMOTO Works Exhibition
February 29th (Fri) to March 7th (Fri): Makoto & Kazuki NAKAMURA Father & Son Exhibition
February 16th (Sat) to February 26th (Tue): Hirokatsu KONDO Exhibition
February 6th (Wed) to February 12th (Tue): Harumi & Itcho MATSUO Ceramic Art Exhibition
January 24th (Thur) to February 2nd (Sat): Yu & Gen ICHIMIYA Ceramic Art Exhibition
January 5th (Sat) to January 18th (Fri): Early Spring Aoni Industrial Arts Exhibition